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What is Kinky bondage and fetish play?

Are you one of the thousands of people who are just vanilla through and through?  Do you have the desire and wishes of a more naughty and playful meaning to sex? Maybe it is time for you to experience BDSM play and here at Pleasure Attic we can help you achieve this.


Pleasure Attic sells 2 kind of restraints. We sell under the bed restraints and wrist to thigh Cuffs. 

Under The Bed Restraints

Under the bed restraints small image

The under the bed restraints are an excellent choice for any fetish lovers who have a double bed in their bedrooms. Simply place under the mattress and then lay on the bed as a bound victim waiting helpless for your lover. All you have to do is fasten your ankles and wrists to the restraints and enjoy hours of endless naughty fetish play. Feel totally dominated with this sex accessory and wonder why you have not purchased them years ago.

Wrist to Thigh Cuffs

Wrist to thigh cuffs

Strap yourself into submissive and let your lover dominate you throughout your play. Have your partner on their knees, back or front and enjoy endless amounts of fun. These perfect bedroom enhancers will add extra spice to your play and comes with easy removal velcro fasteners.