Wireless Love Egg – What Is A Love Egg? How To Use One.

The Wireless Love Egg Explained

The love egg has been around for many years but now we have the wireless love egg. This great little sex toy can be enjoyed wearing discreetly in public places or simply at home.

So what is a wireless love egg?

The love egg is a small egg shaped sex toy that is inserted inside the vagina sitting around the g-spot area. When you move around, the egg will move against your vagina walls giving you a pleasurable feeling. Also your vagina might squeeze around your discreet little sex toy. The love egg becomes wireless with the use of the little car style remote control that comes with this product.

Also there are benefits for people who use love eggs.It as a way to exercise your kegel muscles: squeezing with the walls of the vagina to try and improve muscle control in that region.

How to Use A Love Egg

For most people love eggs are simple to insert and we recommend using a bit of lube when doing this to give you a more comfortable experience. And don’t be scared about losing your sex toy inside of you as the egg comes with a retrieval string which hangs down outside the vagina entrance.

Once inserted you are ready to use the remote fob and go through all of the vibrating settings ranging from soft gentle vibrations to more intense stronger ones. Why not wear your love egg in public and give the remote to a partner for extra added fun for you both. Our eggs come with free batteries so you are ready to use yours as soon as it arrives at your doorstep.

Purple Wireless Love Egg For Sale Here At Pleasure Attic


This remote control love egg is available in either Purple or Black and comes with 10 different powerful pulsating vibrating settings.Now selling on the website for a fantastic price of £14.99.

The easy to use control can either be used by yourself or handed to a partner so they can control your ultimate Pleasure and also help Pelvic floor toning strengthening your vaginal muscles leading to more intense and stronger orgasms.

Try using this sex toy in public discreetly for extra naughty fun and feel at ease retrieving this vibrating egg via the retrieval cord.

A great sex toy for any naughty collection and receive this via our discreet delivery service right to your doorstep in plain packaging.

Batteries: Free with this product – 2 x AAA + 1 x 23 A