How To Increase Libido – Have You Lost Your sexual Desire?
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Lets get that sexy feeling back again!

We all know stress, poor diets and lack of sleep can all play a big part on our sex drives. In this next paragraph we take a look on how to get that horny feeling back again.


A diet rich in B vitamins including eggs, green leafy vegetables, poultry and beef can help improve your energy levels and general mood. We all know tiredness and lack of energy is a passion killer and makes us feel less sexy.

Another supplement for boosting energy levels is antioxidants in the form of vitamins like vitamin A and E. These vitamins support your body’s natural production of energy and hormones and can also boost energy, circulation and cell growth.

Also eat more Omega-3 fatty acids which will improve circulation and reduce depression symptoms both of which are key components to good sexual health.


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Increase Your Zinc Levels

A diet rich in Zinc or by taking Zinc tablets can give your Libido a massive boost as deficiencies of this essential mineral have been known to result in low libido.

Foods like Oysters are full of zinc hence why many people consider these as an aphrodisiac.


Build Up Your Selenium Levels

Foods selenium can be found in are nuts, beef, tuna and grains but do not over do it on Selenium as high levels can actually harm the body.


Supplements For Women

New studies suggest that L-arginine supplements can increase Libido in women. The reason for this is the fact that this supplement can increase the blood flow to the vagina similar to Viagra does for men.


Avoid Supplements That Promote Libido Boosts

You will find some supplements on the market that claim to boost Libido. Don’t waste your money because the best way to increase your libido is over time with good diet and exercise as well as meditate, stretch, relax, laugh. If you can improve your mood and energy levels then you are halfway there.



The Chinese swear by ginseng and have done for many centuries, and studies have found a boost in your sex drive as well as helping with erectile dysfunction by using ginseng in your diet.



We hope the advice above given here on the Pleasure Attic Blog helps you to find that sexy feeling YOU again. Just remember good diet, exercise, plenty of sleep, and try to become stress free as much as possible will all help you get back on track again with the help of the odd vitamin or two!