Shopping for Clit sucking toys but not sure which to choose? Shopping for Clit sucking toys but not sure which to choose? If the answer is yes then read on as Pleasure Attic will delve into the world of clit sucking sex toys and hopefully give you more idea if they are the sex toy […]

What Anal Sex Toys Should I Choose? If you’re asking yourself what Anal sex toys should you choose then maybe you are a beginner in the world of anal play. There are various types of anal toys out there on the market but which one should you choose? Well that decides how much experience you […]

Click here to shop on the Pleasure Attic website.Shop now and pay later for your items or pay in instalments here at Pleasure Attic. Sometimes we really want to treat ourselves or a partner to a new sex toy but don’t always have enough money at the time for the full order. Well fear no […]

Why Are Silicone Sex Toys The Best Choice.  Silicone sex toys are the safest and best choice when choosing a new sex toy. There are various benefits with silicone material due to it being non-porous so won’t harbour any germs. If you are shopping for a smooth and lifelike toy that warms up quickly and […]

The most popular vibrators for Women Most sex toys and vibrators are just too big to carry around with you discreetly. In this blog we will introduce you to the best small vibrators which are handbag friendly? Small vibrators can be just as much fun as the more larger type. Pleasure Attic takes a look […]

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The following Article takes a look at the swinging scene and why it’s becoming so popular. Have you ever been to a swingers club? Most areas have them now with new clubs springing up all over the place. If the club scene is not for you then swinging websites are also becoming more and more […]

Is Your Partner Or Sex Toy Up To The Size? It is one of the most asked questions for decades, “does size really matter”? Pleasure Attic takes a look at what some of you women out there have said in recent surveys. Deeper Penetration Or Clitoris Stimulation? Most women will understand that there are more […]

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Lets get that sexy feeling back again! We all know stress, poor diets and lack of sleep can all play a big part on our sex drives. In this next paragraph we take a look on how to get that horny feeling back again. Diet A diet rich in B vitamins including eggs, green leafy […]