What Anal Sex Toys Should I Choose?

If you’re asking yourself what Anal sex toys should you choose then maybe you are a beginner in the world of anal play.
There are various types of anal toys out there on the market but which one should you choose?
Well that decides how much experience you have had.
At Pleasure Attic we provide a mixed range of anal toys that would suit anal beginners or a more experienced anal player.

Anal Beads are a sex toy that consists of multiple balls attached in a series.
Each ball is inserted into the anal passage and then removed at varying speeds. We say these are perfect for beginners wanting to try anal play.

Sassy 10 Beads Anal Toy (Black) - PLEASURE ATTIC - UK's Best Low Cost Adult Toys

Butt Plugs is a sex toy designed to be inserted into the rectum for sexual pleasure. They are usually smaller and shorter than a normal dildo. They have a flanged end to prevent the butt plug becoming lost inside. Depending on the size of the butt plug we rate this kind of anal toy good for beginners.

Pretty Love Black Silicone Butt Plug

Anal Vibrator is a sex toy vibrator designed for sensual anal stimulation for both Men and Women. The main feature of an anal vibrator is to produce a pleasurable vibrating sensation inside the rectum. They too have a flared base just like the butt plug to prevent any accidents of getting lost inside. Fairly easy to insert depending on the size but we also rate the anal sex toy as good for beginners.

Black Multi-Speed Vibrating Anal Plug

Stainless Steel Prostate G-Spot Massager – curved Stainless Steel prostate G-Spot Wand Dildo provides a direct connection to your favourite spot. Massage G-Spot, P-Spot and more with this quality curved toy. Measures in at 9 inch in length experience different sized balls at either end.
This unisex easy to clean dildo will provide Prostate massage for men and g-spot massage for women. This toy is easy to medium to insert for any beginners. 2 size balls, one large and one small.

Stainless Steel G-Spot Wand Dildo

Inflatable Anal Plug – is a Pumper Plug which enables you to pump-up your ecstasy!
Simply attach the hose and pump the easy-squeeze bulb to pump up inside your anus to your desired size.
Once you’ve reached the desired size, the probe will hold it even when the hose is removed! The quick air release button allows for gentle deflation and removal. We would recommend this anal sex toy to be used by more experienced anal lovers.

Colt XXXL Pumper Plug_3

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