10 best Sex toys for beginners

In this guide we feature 10 best sex toys for beginners to help you on your way to an even better play time. When you first start out masturbating many girls just use their fingers. Some even use the handle of their hair brush or other house hold items. How to choose your first sex […]

The most popular vibrators for Women Most sex toys and vibrators are just too big to carry around with you discreetly. In this blog we will introduce you to the best small vibrators which are handbag friendly? Small vibrators can be just as much fun as the more larger type. Pleasure Attic takes a look […]

Is Your Partner Or Sex Toy Up To The Size? It is one of the most asked questions for decades, “does size really matter”? Pleasure Attic takes a look at what some of you women out there have said in recent surveys. Deeper Penetration Or Clitoris Stimulation? Most women will understand that there are more […]