The most popular vibrators for Women

Most sex toys and vibrators are just too big to carry around with you discreetly. In this blog we will introduce you to the best small vibrators which are handbag friendly? Small vibrators can be just as much fun as the more larger type.

Pleasure Attic takes a look at some of the most popular small pocket vibrators and bullets we sell on our website.


Rocks Off 80mm Rainbow Bullet Vibrator

Rocks off bullet vibe blog picture

Rocks Off are a leading brand and probably one of the best you are gonna get when it comes to small bullet vibrators. They are easy to hide away in luggage for that naughty weekend away. The bullet vibrator also makes a perfect sex toy for beginners.

So Just Who Are Rocks Off?

Rocks Off was established over 12 years ago and soon became a leading global presence. They have product facilities in the UK as well as Europe and China and also have offices across America.

The company are also proud to produce their number one best seller being the RO-80mm bullet with millions sold to date. All of their products are made from body safe materials and are 100% waterproof. Each product comes with its own unique registration number that provides a guarantee to all customers.

Even though this sex toy is powered by battery the vibrations are fairly powerful yet pretty quiet. Arrives in a nice quality display packaging, this sex toy is an excellent choice due to the price. You are getting a great branded quality product for under £10.

This waterproof travel friend is designed for clitoral stimulation and comes with 7 different vibrating speeds. Customers say this bullet is especially good for an intense build up leading to explosive joys of pleasure.

Control settings

This bullet vibrator is very simple to use with the push button found at the base. Simply press the button and bring this vibrator into life with each press creating a different vibration. To power off simply hold the button down for 2 seconds.

This easy to clean toy is also fully waterproof so have lots of fun in the bath or shower.


Sparkle Vibrator – Multi-speed – Glitter Finish

Sparkle glitter vibrator blog picture

This pink medium to small sized vibrator comes with a sexy glitter finish design and is yours for under £10. Powered by just 1 AA battery this vibrator can pack a punch and kicks out strong vibrations. From base to tip this Shane’s World vibrator measures in at just under 5 inches making it a handbag toy!


Mini Massager With Changeable Tips By Dr Laura Berman

Mini vibe with attachments blog picture

Dr Laura Berman brings to you this very powerful sex toy with interchangeable tips. Discreet and fairly quiet this waterproof massager can be your perfect travel companion. The 4 changeable attachments comes with a variety of textured dots to vary your stimulation and pleasure. Can also be used between you and your partner during intercourse. Pleasure Attic also offers another version of this vibrator that is cheaper but unbranded in our vibrator section.


Mini G-Spot Waterproof Vibrator – 5 inches

Mini g-spot vibrator blog picture.

Simple to use with its push button control this 5 inch vibrator is easy to carry around with you. Thin in width this sex toy aims to do one thing and that is to stimulate the g-spot. Designed with a curved tip this fairly powerful sex toy is powered by 2 AAA batteries not included and fully waterproof. Another amazing sex toy for under a tenner.


Bullet Vibrator – My Private “O”


Private O bullet vibrator blog picture

This sex toy has to be one of our smallest vibrators we sell here at Pleasure Attic and is more of a bullet vibrator which is perfect for pockets and bags. Powered by just 1 AAA battery this waterproof sex toy vibrator comes with simple push button control. Made by California exotics means you know your going to be getting a good branded quality sex toy.


Realistic Lipstick Mini Vibrator – Discreet Sex Toys

Mini lip stick vibrator blog picture

Finally our last small discreet hand bag toy and discreet it is indeed. Designed to look like a lipstick means that even if people see inside your handbag they will simply think it is anything than a sex toy. Many women have been suprised by just how powerful this vibrator is yet looking like part of your makeup collection! Powered by just 1 AAA battery amazingly you will even get changed out of £5 for this little favorite vibrator of ours.