Couples Romantic Weekend Away Set

Romantic Couples Set

This couples romantic weekend set is perfect for a nice weekend away with a loved. Unwind and leave all of your stresses of work behind. Try choose a romantic location with scenic views and a quality hotel.

Some hotels are good at leaving flowers and chocolates or champagne in a room. Most wont provide anything intimate like this romantic couples set.

Well look no further because here at Pleasure Attic we sell a must have couples weekend set for that relaxing weekend away. Spice things up a little more by adding a sex toy or two including one of our sexy board games to make things more fun!

Get yourselves in the mood

Surprise a loved one and make that precious time you have together even more special by using this set.

Start by running a bubble bath where you can join in providing the bath is big enough! Then relax and flirt with each other showering her with gentle kisses on her neck.

Hit the bedroom

Now Its time to hit the bedroom where you can dim the lights and use the tea lights for that soft gentle relaxing feeling. Maybe put on some soft music for a more tranquille setting.

Gentle lay her on her front on the bed of soft scented satin rose petals and start massaging her with the massage lotion. Start slowly around the neck and shoulders working your way down. At this point we hope you would of read the romantic lovers tips book which also comes with this set.

Finally if your worried your breath is not fresh then this couples weekend away set contains breath mints for that fresh minty kissing experience.

What this couples romantic weekend set includes

  • Scented silk rose petals – To cover the bed with
  • Warming massage lotion – For that soothing relaxing massage
  • Bubble Bath – For a relaxing bathing sensation prior to your massage
  • Tea lights – For that calming dim lit setting
  • Breath Mints – For that fresh minty breath
  • Romantic Tips Guide – Find out more romantic tips with this essential guide.