Silicone Sex Toys & Why They Are The Best Choice. 

Silicone vibrator for blog

Silicone is the safest and best choice when choosing a sex toy. It has various benefits and is non-porous so won’t harbour any germs.

Silicone is very smooth and lifelike, warms up quickly and is extremely durable and easy to clean.

Silicone toys are the Rolls Royce of all sex toys but sometimes can work out quite expensive.

Silicone should be smell free and not smell rubber like and have a velvety soft feel. Their smooth texture feels wonderful against skin making them extremely pleasurable to use.

If your so called silicone toy does smell strongly like rubber then chances are it is not 100% silicone.

Latex Products 

Lots of people are allergic to latex, therefore latex products can be potentially dangerous to their health.

Below are a few of our latest silicone toys available at Pleasure Attic all within an affordable price range.

Rabbit Sex Toy With Heat – G-Spot Stimulation

Clit Massage Vibrator – Clitoral Stimulator