10 Best Sex Toys For Beginners

In this guide we feature 10 best sex toys for beginners to help you on your way to an even better play time.

When you first start out masturbating many girls just use their fingers. Some even use the handle of their hair brush or other house hold items.

How to choose your first sex toy

Many of you will have browsed lots of sex toy websites looking all confused and unsure what to purchase. Looking through monster dildos and double penetrating vibrators can seem daunting especially if your a sex toy newbie! So what should you choose for your first ever sex toy?
In this article of 10 best sex toys for beginners the Pleasure Attic team have hand picked some of the best sex toys for beginners. You will find a variety of products that won’t wake up all of the household with loud vibrating sounds or anything too extreme. We hope you like our selection.

So many of you won’t even purchase a sex toy until you have left your parents house and moved into your own place. Lots of you won’t purchase a sex toy in a shop without going bright red due to embarrassment. Also many will be too scared to order online especially if still living at home just in case the parcel arrives without being discreet.

Discreet service is our promise

If the reason above is stopping you from purchasing a sex toy then let us put your mind at rest. Here at Pleasure Attic we promise all of our customers a 100% discreet service. This means nothing will indicate on any bank statements what you have purchased. Everything you order will arrive to you in a secure plain box with nothing indicating what is inside.

1. Rechargeable Magic Wand

We have chosen this mini wand vibrator as our first choice due to its quiet Vibrations and small size for discreet storage. A perfect starter toy for getting you going in the world of magic wands.

Enjoy the flexible neck as well as a soft feel medical grade silicone massaging head. The elegance and inspired design will bring you a truly elevated massaging experience. The sex toy is encased in 100% premium silicone and fully waterproof.

Also the quiet motor will cycle through 10 soothing patterns and 8 different powers of vibration. Find your favorite vibrating setting to suit your needs.

You will not need batteries either due to the chargeable battery which is charged via a USB lead provided.

And we are not finished there because this wand vibrator also comes with its very own velvet storage pouch.

2. Rocks Off Vibrator Set

Rocks Off vibrator set

Our next choice has got to be this cute little pink sex toy set from Rocks Off. A perfect vibrator collection for that girlie girl due to the pink colours and glitter design.

This Rocks Off vibrator set makes a perfect gift for that someone special. Within the exquisite box you will find 3 different vibrators. Guaranteed to bring a flush to your cheeks feel at ease knowing this is made by a top brand manufacturer.

3. Rocks Off Rainbow Bullet Vibrator


Next we have chosen another bullet vibe and again by the top bullet manufacturer Rocks Off.  This The Rocks-Off 80mm special edition rainbow vibrator makes a perfect choice for a sex toy for any beginner due to its size. You will find it can be easily hidden in your bag or coat pocket or tucked away in a draw. The vibrator is mainly used as a clitoral stimulation sex toy but can be used internally.

This fully waterproof clitoral stimulator comes with 7 sensual vibrating pulses to suit your mood.

4. Rabbit Vibrator With Stimulation Spot.

Rabbit vibrators with extra stimulation

This rabbit vibrator was picked by our panel of experts due to its price as well as lots of vibrating functions. It also comes with a g-spot stimulating device that sits on the shaft of this rabbit vibe.

Take this sex toy into the shower or bath due to it being fully waterproof. Experience the incredible 36 vibrating settings and find one to suit your everyday mood.

5. Clit Massage Vibrator

Clit Massage Vibrator

Number 5 is this clit massage vibrator. Are you a lover of clitoral stimulation and teasing? If the answer is yes then this cute little sex toy is the perfect choice for you. Another nice sized vibrator to hide easily and perfect for that person who likes to travel.

Designed by Aphrodisia this discreet sex toy comes with 7 modes of vibrations. The main feature is a durable textured head that will vibrate and tease your clitoris.

6.  Metallic Jewel Butt Plug

Metal Anal Plug - Jewel Base - Medium - PLEASURE ATTIC - UK's Best Low Cost Adult Toys

If your new to anal play and not sure if anal toys are for you then why not try one of our metallic jewel butt plugs. Not only are they appealing on the eye but they are also easy to insert and retrieve so a perfect choice. These butt plugs come in 3 sizes of small medium and large. These easy to clean anal toys are great value for the price you pay. The above picture is a medium metallic butt Plug but we recommend maybe using a small one to start.

7. Basic Rabbit Vibrator

Waterproof Rabbit Vibrator | Cheap Online Sex toys | Discreet Postage
This basic rabbit vibrator is perfect for those who are new to sex toys. You get a great toy for the price. This rabbit vibrator comes with dual motors. One for the shaft vibration and another for the bunny ears. Stimulate your clitoris as well as being teased and pleasured internally.

8. Mini Lipstick Vibrator

Realistic lipstick mini vibrator
Fool everyone with this clever and discreet vibrator that is disguised as a lipstick. When you are new to sex toys the last thing you need is anybody finding yours. You can simply store it in your bag or makeup bag. Also don’t be fooled by this mini vibrator as the Vibrations are fairly powerful.

9. Mini Vibrator With Changeable Tips

Mini vibe with attachments blog picture

This easy to use vibrator by Dr Laura Bergman is perfect for people on their travels due to its size. Feel the 4 different sensations when you change the textured tips and find one to suit your mood. It is like having 4 different vibrators in one! Powered by just one battery which lasts a long time.


10. Vibrating Egg With Wireless Remote

Vibrating egg

This final toy we have selected is the vibrating love egg with wireless remote control. This sex toy can be fun especially when used amongst 2 people. Use it in public and give your partner the remote control so they can control your vibrations at the push of a button. Or simple use it alone and use the remote yourself to select the different vibrating pulses.


We hope you have enjoyed reading our blog today and maybe you are already considering purchasing one of our selected sex toys as your first one. Purchasing a sex toy for the first time doesn’t have to be as daunting as you think. For further help or advice please do not hesitate to contact one of our customer care team who are happy to help. Simply send them an email and they will get back to you straight away or as soon as they can. help@pleasureattic.com


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